Tuesday 12 July 2011

Tuesday Car Movie: Vanishing Point

Colorado State HP Officer: Nevada, this is Colorado State Highway Patrol. This is about a special query raised by the Utah Highway Patrol. - Affirmative, that's correct, but later they asked that the information be forwarded to you guys, so get ready for some details. Apparantly this speed maniac you've been chasing all over your territory is a former professional road racer named Kowalski, K-O-W-A-L-S-K-I, repeat Kowalski. First name unkown, other particulars also unknown. All we do know is that he's employed as a car delivery driver by an agency in Denver. He's presently driving a Dodge Challenger, Colorado licence plate OA-5599. This is not a stolen car; he's driving it to San Francisco for delivery due Monday.

Nevada State HP Officer: It's only Saturday, what's his hurry?

Colorado State HP Officer: That's what we wanted to know ourselves, so your guess is as good as ours. 10-4.


  1. Growing up in various regional country towns with no TV but ABC meant slim pickings when it came to movies. Fortunately my father invested in a new fangled device called a VCR (but OH NO....Beta)and bought a few from the Magnetic Video Mail order collection(late 70's). This movie, along with Crazy Larry and Dirty Mary, was on constant high rotation for many years.
    I still long for the sound of a 426 Hemi Challenger with the pistol shift.
    I blame this movie entirely for my love of everything fast and shiny.

    Kowalski,the the last beautiful free soul on this planet...

  2. We have reason to believe it is Supercharged....