Wednesday 13 July 2011

Family Ties - Foreign Lands

Regular ColumnShift reader Scooter has had family members across the globe dig up some excellent vintage pics.

The first is his grandmother standing in front of the family's '57 Cadillac Fleetwood in Caracas, Venezuela. Great photo:

Even the lawn, the house and the dog look 1950's! This photo says everything you need to know about big, sweet American cars.

Second is a wonderful photo of young Scooter (left) and his older brother Ben outside the family home in Redruth, Cornwall circa 1982.

"One day I'll move to Australia and buy a BIG car that doesnt leak in the rain and catch fire like mum's Austin"

I think this photo says all you need to know about small, British cars of a certain era. Although the brightly coloured clothing does draw attention away from their green/greyness. I'm pleased to report that Scooter no longer sports a mullet and that squint wasn't permanent. His brother, sadly, remains a ranga.


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  1. A mullet? I'd say he is trying to look like Ringo Starr!