Monday 18 July 2011

Family Ties - The 80's

My wife's family has stepped up to the plate, showing the family transport, circa 1989.

First is a steel grey XF Falcon S-pack, the hottest Falcon you could buy in 1987, sporting the mega-dark tint and Aunger window louvre for extra impact. A very young version of my wife can be seen breaking adjusting the wing mirror, with my father-in-law David showing off the stylish short shorts.

Next are a couple of photos of David's pride and joy in the same era, a gunmetal grey VN Commodore SS. The "batmobile" is the stuff of Broadbent family legends, with a 5-speed and an exhaust note that was the envy of all Wurtulla.

Note that my wife and her younger brother do not appear in these photos. This is because they were always thoroughly searched for crayons, lollies and other small-child vandalism weapons, then bound and gagged before being allowed to approach the SS. Fair enough too.



  1. Man I love those XF steelies.

  2. Like an '80s version of 12 Slotters......