Monday 11 July 2011

Family Ties - Kingswood Country

Growing up as the son of a motor mechanic gave me the opportunity to hang around more cars than I could poke a stick at. Some of them were utter shitheaps, but by the same token, some of them were fairly nice cars. To this day, I still remember helping Dad wash his Kingswood wagon - light blue, with a 253 and wind down tailgate window, with the obligatory dual exhausts poking out the back. Legend has it that this was the car I was brought home from the hospital in (not sure if Dad did a skid or not, but it would not surprise me if he did).

Anyway, here are a few more photos that continues the Peut family automotive journey...

Here's Dad (red hat) and his mates "taste testing" the beers in the tray of his HJ Kingswood before a big fishing trip up north. For better or worse, Julia Creek didn't have RBT's back in those days, and more often than not the local Sergeant was at the pub drinking with the bar flies anyway. 

And here's my Mum and Dad standing in front of Dad's (different) HJ Kingswood ute somewhere in beautiful Julia Creek, FNQ.

I don't know what his obsession was with those Kingswoods, but it never really stopped, as there was almost always an old Kingswood of some description in the driveway for the duration of my childhood. In fact, one of the cars I learnt to drive in was a three-on-the-tree HX Kingswood ute...but more on learning to drive later.


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