Saturday 9 July 2011

Family Ties: Update

Well, my family have been clearing away the skeletons in the closet to find the old photo albums, and have come up with gold:

This is my grandmother standing in front of her father's Wolsely at the end of the Second World War. Note blacked out headlights and genuine gangster styling. The photo was taken on their honeymoon at Coolangatta by my grandfather.

And here is my grandfather Alex Churven standing with his brothers John and Nick after a tennis match in Isis, Central Queensland. This photo would be pre-war, probably taken in the mid 30's before the family left the farm and moved to Brisbane. I believe the car is the family's Model A Ford, the reliability of which turned all Churvens before me in to die-hard Ford haters.

My grandparents are now 91 and 93 years young, and still remember the parade of cars through their lives - forgotten marques like Wolseleys, Humbers and Rileys through to Chryslers, the odd Holden and a powder blue Datsun.

Still to come are pics of my mother driving what was probably Australia's only Morgan Plus 8 in 1983, my wife's father's totally-hot VN Group A Commodore, Daniel's parents with an assortment of hot Fords and Holdens and my friend Scooter's father with his classic automotive comedy statement - a Citroen 2CV.

Keep those old photos rolling in!


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