Friday 27 May 2011

Thursday Pitch

Thursday Pitch - Now delivered on Friday!

Chery Pie

What does $11,000 buy you these days?

- A pre-crashed litre sportsbike
- A 3 year old Commodore that's been to the moon and back*
- A 562ci Chevrolet big-block, but not the Torana to put it in.

Or, a brand new hatchback with registration and a 3 year warranty.

Cheap, Chinese cars are here right now - Great Wall and Chery in showrooms everywhere and brands you've never heard of like Geely on the way. But are these things really any good? Obviously you're not expecting a brand new Cadillac for that kind of money, but are they just a tin can with wheels, or actually a viable mode of transport?

If I ever make it back from Alice Springs, Dan and I will go have a look and report back.


*Many years ago, my friend Scooter said this about the mileage of a Fairlane he owned. We checked the facts and it turns out that at 384,403k's from here to the big white thing, his Fairlane had actually already been there and was on the way back.

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