Friday 20 May 2011


I love the XR5 Focus. Despite not being classically beautiful, they're a proper muscle car in the finest rocket-powered-tin-can/WRX tradition. They sound fantastic. The Recaro interior is a little slice of World Rally and they handle like they're on rails. They even come in one of the sweetest colours I've seen in years - Electric Orange.

But I could never, ever buy one. Even though it would be super-practical for parking in town or fanging around the twisty roads on the way to the property, they have one fatal flaw:

They're small.

Like all Australian guys, I kid myself that I need a full-size automobile. Two, actually. Something with heaps of torque. Y'know, for towin' trailers and stuff. Even though I only do that once a year. But we might have a couple of kids eventually, and you need a big car for kids. To fit the bicycles and the fishing rods and the prams and the porta-cots. Or some other reason.

I think my main problem is being worried what full-size-car-guys will think of me. The committed Focus driver looks at it differently though - The guy in the Falcon has to catch up with him first.


  1. It also has another problem, it's Front Wheel Drive........


  2. Front wheel drive is better than no wheel drive... :) Fantastic little cars...