Sunday 15 May 2011

The Things We Do...

... to bring you the best in automotive stories.

Since Friday afternoon I've changed 10 tyres, rolled in diff oil, poured 100 litres of fuel, cleaned a few windscreens, pushed a car what felt like miles (onlookers pointed out it was more like 50 metres, and I had help), stood in the freezing cold all night and eaten a lot of cold burgers.

Daniel turned up late Saturday afternoon carrying a big, shiny camera and wearing a Motor Magazine shirt. He swanned around a bit and people seemed to think he was from the New York Times. But you have to give him credit - when given the choice between being steamrolled by a rally car and getting great shots, he knew where his duty lay.

Despite the newly-built Hurford/Gregory Falcon XR6 being very impressive in the Imbil State Forest, it wasn't our main focus this weekend. You'll need to wait for the August issue of Gasoline to find out what we were really up to.

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