Thursday 19 May 2011

Thursday Pitch

Day In, Day Out

I've daily-driven a classic car, and I don't know if I can recommend it.

Sure, there's nothing better than blasting out of an underground carpark at 5:05 on a Friday afternoon, setting off car alarms and scattering people in suits. But then at 8:58am the next Monday morning you're stuck in traffic, the temperature gauge is going up, the fuel gauge is going down, your suit is melting in the heat and you can't hear yourself think over the open pipes bouncing noise off the Mercedes next to you.

I was doing it wrong.

Every morning this week, I've been passed in traffic by a guy doing it right. He's driving a totally stock, salmon pink EJ Holden sedan. Three-on-the-tree, little peashooter tailpipe, big factory steering wheel. He always has his arm out the window, takes his time picking gears and looks very relaxed.

An article on using your old car every day should strike a chord with all car fans - Either you do it and you see yourself in the article, or you don't use your classic enough and wish you could. Or somewhere inbetween.

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  1. The GT made a great daily driver while the XR6 was off the road. Only problem was every Mulleted Neck tattooed Bogan in an HSV wanted to give you a run in the middle of the City.....