Thursday 12 May 2011

Thursday Pitch

I bet you think we forgot the Thursday pitch. Turns out that you get what you pay for with free website software!
Shock & Awe

Has anyone noticed that cars became white, silver and grey at some point? Driving to work today, the line of anonymous sedans in front of me looked like background in a black and white movie. This is an awful turn of events.
What happened to all the beautiful, classic colours? I’m a long-term Sherwood Green tragic, but even plain colours had a certain cool back in the 70’s. Ford’s Outback Bronze was metallic brown – who thinks of that? It didn’t exactly grab your attention, but no one can deny the old-school cool of a Wedgewood Blue EH Holden.
But I think the real story is the amazing colours that ordinary cars were offered in a generation ago – Ford’s Grabber Orange, Wild Violet and Pine’n’Line… Gleaming showroom lines of HQ Monaros in Lina Mint, Lone O Ranger and Strike Me Pink.
No one could deny that Mopars led the way. Dusters and Chargers and Challengers and Furies in every colour of the psychedelic rainbow - Plum Crazy, Go Mango, Hemi Orange, Panther Pink, Top Banana… Hot, hot, hot.
Imagine the photos!

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