Thursday 18 August 2011

Thursday's Pitch - Heroes

The word "hero" is thrown around alot these days - people such as Mr I Have No Hair And Sound Like I Need A Strepsil scoring the match winning point or Miss My Parent's Bought Me A Boat And Painted It Pink So I Can Run Into Things, spring to mind.

Of course, the word hero can mean different things to different people. To some people, a hero is someone who has acted selflessly, for no personal gain or reward. To others, a hero can be someone as unassuming as a family member; Mum, Dad, Aunt Betty or even drunken old Grandpa Moe.

People who know me will tell you that Dick Johnson is my hero - a man who built his racing career literally out of stone. A self made success, he was a man who didn't have the luxury of rich parents sending him to Europe to carve a lucrative Formula 1 career, like so many have tried and failed at. He is a man who ran a service station by day to pay for the building of the race cars in his shed by night.

Whilst Dick's financial woes have been widely documented in recent times, as he has done whatever it takes to keep Dick Johnson Racing afloat, that shows the steely determination that has cemented him, in my mind at least, as a hero.

So, Columnshifters - tell us who your heroes are and why. They don't need to be Automotive related - mine is only by pure coincidence.

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  1. Sounds soppy but mine are all the people out there who are prepared to go the extra mile for anyone!! Wouldn't the world be awesome if we all had that attitude!!