Tuesday 23 August 2011

Call of the Wild

I first heard speedway sprint cars from a mate's front yard on the southside of Brisbane. It was a hot night and the wind must've been blowing the right way from Archerfield.

I wasn't sure what the noise was at first, a muffled bellow that sounded car-like, but too deep, too 6.1 Dolby stereo. And it wasn't just a traffic-light blat - the revs built and built and stayed there.

You could see the lights of the stadium from where I was standing, just a glow above a few gum trees, and still that noise, like a battle being fought or a pack of prehistoric animals on the hunt.

I've heard the noise across the country since then. At a set of lights on Tiger Brennan Drive in Darwin, miles from Hidden Valley speedway. In another friend's yard in Maryborough and while driving through Gympie.

It always takes me back to that night, that dry wind and that perfect noise.

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  1. It certainly is a sound that calls a man!