Sunday 14 August 2011


Just a quick update today - ColumnShift Media went to the 2011 Lakeside Festival of Speed over the weekend to check out some great touring car racing. Some had seen better days (Formula HQ which seemed to have had a little outing on it's roof) but some were in as fine form as they were thirty years ago.

This year marked thirty years since the great Dick Johnson won his first championship at Lakeside and to celebrate the occasion, Tru Blu was wheeled out for a few magnificent victory laps.

For this ColumnShifter, Tru Blue and Dick Johnson are motorsport legends and to see the big blue meanie out on the track literally made my spine tingle. Below are a handful of shots that I took of the old girl.

Note that the gentleman in the last picture is none other than John French, who was Dick's co-pilot at the 1981 Bathurst 1000. Unfortunately, I didn't realise this as I politely asked him the move out of the way so I could get an uninterrupted shot of the race car! To his credit though, he obliged...



  1. Love that first shot Dan. A view I am sure PB got used to.

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