Thursday 14 April 2011

Website Launch!

Hi everyone,

As many of you would be aware, we've now had our work published in a number of magazines, and we thought it was time to make the step from enthusiastic amateurs to... enthusiastic amateurs with a website.

Early days with the site now, but we're adding content all the time. The website won't just be a showcase of work that's been published - we'll add new pics, pitches, comments, articles and events every few days . Please feel free to leave a comment or subscribe for updates.

We're available for freelance writing and photography for any publication - big, small, print, online, whatever. We specialise in automotive journalism, with a focus on providing work that isn't the usual "here's-the-car, isn't-it-great" article.

One step closer to giving up the day jobs!

We hope to talk to all of you soon.

Nick Holliday & Daniel Peut
ColumnShift Media

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