Thursday 21 April 2011

Thursday Pitch

As you may have read below, one of us drives a home-made pickup truck and the other drives an overpowered taxi-cab. The closest Nick has been to a proper European sports car is a few illicit blasts in his father's V12 Jaguar. Daniel is still trying to find Europe on the map.

We believe that this would give us a unique perspective from which to road test an iconic sports car - the Aston Martin DB4. Daniel is keen to use his lens to capture the beautiful, handcrafted details of this classic shape. Nick is prepared to ask the tough questions - Are they worth the money? Do they stack up against modern cars? Are they as useless for towing rubbish to the dump as they look?

All we need is someone willing to lend us their million-dollar classic car for the day. Contact us at

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