Tuesday 12 April 2011

Nick Holliday

Nick is a reformed lawyer in his late 20's, now working as a union organiser and sometime writer.  He divides his time between suburban Brisbane, the Sunshine Coast hinterland and the Central Desert around Alice Springs.

He loves the sound of an old V8 at night, the smell of freshly mown grass and the noise Cuban heels make on a polished floor.

Nick found himself immersed in vintage life by accident, waking up one day to the realisation that he drove a 35 year old Fairlane, had bookshelves full of Maugham and Hemingway and a taste for pre-war blues and Whitlam-era politics.

He spends his spare time restoring his motorcycle, driving his pickup truck and playing an acoustic guitar, all built before 1980.

Favourite vintage flick

Bullitt, starring a fastback '67 Mustang and Steve McQueen - there's no other movie for real car fans.

Favourite vintage object

The Zippo lighter – made unchanged in Bradford, Pennsylvania since 1932.

Favourite vintage read

Our Man In Havana by Graham Greene - a novel-length character study of a man who can't tell who he is any more.

Favourite vintage icon

The tail fins on a candy-apple red '57 Chevy - bold lines, lots of chrome, design for design's sake. We'll never see them again.

Favourite vintage thing in the world

My 21st birthday present from my grandfather - his 150 year old black-powder Winchester shotgun. My forebears were using this before cars and before electric lights. You can hold it and feel history.

Favourite vintage vinyl

Hard Again, Muddy Waters' 1977 album, recorded in three days at Muscle Shoals in Alabama. When Muddy sings "I can never be satisfied...", you believe him.

Vintage is remembering the first place you heard a Rolling Stones song, the first time you rode in a car with vinyl seats and the first time you were moved by a piece of writing.

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