Friday 14 October 2011

Missed Shift

You know the feeling - You're zinging up to 5200rpm, you dip the clutch, a lightening fast hand pushes through the dogleg from second to third and...


That's kinda what CSMedia has felt like lately. Dan and I have both been busy with work and travel, and the rare moments we have to do interviews and shoots have been plagued by scheduling dramas and poor weather. We're also facing living in our cars if the much-delayed pay for a few articles doesn't come through soon!

Never fear - we're still in the game, with an event report and a long-anticipated Katana photoshoot planned for this weekend, a catch up with a Kingswood driver in the next few weeks and the SuperFalcon article still in the works. I figure that some of these machines have waited 40 years for their moment in the sun - they can last a few more weeks.

We may even have some special reports from our European correspondent on the way - he's spent weeks thrashing everything from Fiat panel vans to Ferraris and other things we can't mention on a family website, all under the clever guise of a romantic getaway with his (now) fiance.

ColumnShifters seeking spousal approval for motorsport tours of foreign lands have much to learn from this man, so stay tuned.

Meanwhile, keep dodging the rainstorms and enjoy the (intermittent) cruising weather!

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