Monday 31 October 2011

Cover Story

Leafing through Wheels magazine in the QANTAS Club on the weekend, I saw an ad for a website where you can buy an official, framed print of any Wheels cover since '54. Ideal birthday gift, blah.

I was actually quite excited to look up the website and see what was in the automotive news in the month of my birth. Surely it'd be something cool - even my mum drove a 5-speed, turbo car back then.

Not so. The cover of the Wheels issue that my father could've been flicking through in the Alliance Hotel while waiting for news of my birth was a major let down - a test drive of the awful new MR2 and a comparison of people movers.

I went in search of better examples. The issue commemorating Daniel's birth, predictably, was awesome: WE DRIVE THE '86 COMMODORE, with a full-page, front-on shot of a champagne VL looking like an escaped NASCAR.

The issue on stands the month the authorities relented and licenced me to drive was slightly more appropriate - the brand new Holden Monaro features, with a small photo of Tickford's 347ci TS50. Hot cars, even though they were out of my price range.

Of course, once again Daniel's was better - a comparison of the new FPV GT and the HSV GTS, with an accompanying comparison of the '71 Falcon GT and the GTS Monaro. I bet a copy of this issue was on the passenger seat of his Telstar as he did skids throughout western QLD.

What was the cover story in your big year? Post up comments!


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  1. Some dodgey looking Datsun.