Tuesday 17 April 2012

Double Aught

Dan and I have often thought of going racing. We've both had plenty of road-racing experience in our formative years, but as we get older it seems the public racetracks roadways are getting more filled with backmarkers in slow minivans and flag marshalls with radar guns and bad attitudes.

The only problem is the choice - As true car enthusiasts, prepared to give anything with wheels and an engine a go, we can't narrow the field. Forest rally? Drag racing? Motorcycle track days? Group Nc? Speedway?

Interviewing racers and spending time at race meets has only made things worse. When we saw this oval-track car outside an abandoned service station in Dulacca while driving to Roma to cover the Easter in the Country race meet, we were in love.

One day.


  1. wow what a find hope u brought it guys

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