Thursday 30 June 2011

Thursday Pitch

On time this week!

Time Travel

Retro cars are all the rage. You can buy an "FJ Cruiser" that's meant to invoke memories of the original Toyota 4wd. You can buy a Mustang, a Camaro, a Challenger, a Charger, all styled on the lines of classic 60's models.

Bikes are just the same -  Triumph Bonneville or Thruxton, Royal Enfield Bullet, Honda CB1300A, Ducati 1000GT , Norton Commando, the list goes on.

But I say it's too easy to recreate iconic models. If retro is cool, why can't car companies go all the way and re-release some interesting models.

Maybe a brand new Rudge-Whitworth motorcycle, a 1000cc single that fires every second power pole, aimed to the well-heeled masochist market.

Or a brand new Chrysler Newport, a 17 foot long hardtop that seats 4 in exquisite comfort, providing you don't want to go around a corner or stop the damn thing. But God they're big and ugly and cool. Why can't we have something like that these days?

The article would find 5 classic models that deserve another moment of glory, all the good (and bad) reasons, with photos of the cars or bikes in all their splendour.

What would you bring back?


  1. Leyland P76 - I guess the Mitsi 380 is the modern day equivalent already - big boot, awkward kick up over the rear to hide the big boot, and abysmal sales despite being by all accounts a very good car.

    Lancia Fulvia - I've never driven one, but they're achingly pretty little cars. Modern emissions and saftery regs would make it 1500kg and awfull though.

    Rg500 (of course!) - Dust off the RGV250 cylinder tooling, gsxr gear cluster, rotary valve but with some big ol 38mm Mikunis and make it a real wild one. No traction control, no abs, just make it light with 160hp and some minor bad manners like the TL1000S had... The press will call it a Black Widow, sales will be meh, and it will be awesome.

    Katana - this one will be difficult - every attempt at "updating" the Katana styling has been awfull, but the couple of hack jobs of fitting Katana bodywork to a GSX-1400 gets the idea across - make it look the same - infact, I bet Suzuki still have the tooling - and stuff a competent chassis with plenty of reliable grunt underneath it.
    Ah, heck, suzuki should just do a re-release with the original Kat again.

    Jensen Interceptor - Big Mopar motor, Italian styling and rust, British electrics, walnut and Connoly leather. Lovely.

  2. You're good at this, Bish!!

    I was thinking of a few on the drive down from the coast today...

    Chrysler By Chrysler coupe: Pointless working man's hardtop, bargain luxury but no real market, will only sell half a dozen but everyone will love them to bits.

    DMC DeLorean: Lots of weird science - gullwing doors, brushed stainless panels, slow as a wet week, but manufacturing them could be a humanitarian effort to foster employment in some economically-shattered hellhole with no history of manufacturing quality automobiles. Like Detroit.

    Brough Superior SS100: Blisteringly fast, expensive gentleman's touring bike. Take one of those ST1100 police bikes, tune 200hp out of it and sell them for $80,000. Job done.

  3. I thnk BMW already do something like that, but it looks like Johnny Number 5.